Svetlana 6494

Birth date:
167 cm
own business
Fammily status:
2 daughters, 1988 and 1997
good English

"Tuk-tuk ... tuk-tuk ...tuk-tuk... Can you hear it? This is my heart beating. Casually, calmly)) But now I want to change everything, feel tachycardia again and the butterflies fluttering in my stomach. Yes, I believe in real and sincere feelings, every person born on this earths should be happy. I try to find happiness in everything, even in the simplest things. I am always active, open and ready for traveling. Its hard to stop me if I want something. I set real goals and archieve them. I consider myself an attractive woman, who is easy to fall in love with and hard to forget. There are three things that bring me great pleasure: spending time with my grandchildren, traveling by car and bicycle and of course shopping))). I am a grandmother and I say this with pride to everyone. I adore my grandchildren and try to spend free time with them. My grandchildren call me crazy grandmother, because I do not limit them to do anything. If we want to draw paints on the walls, we draw, if we want to arrange a pajama party, we do it. With them, I become that little mischievous girl, who is interested in everything. Sometimes I have such moments, when I want to pamper myself) Yes, its about shopping. Nothing makes a woman really happy like new red shoes, that she dreamed about for a year ... and even at a discount))) Well, isnt this the peak of pleasure ???!!!)) In my younger years I did not think about the inner content, I was looking firstly for physical perfection. At this stage of my life I realized that the ideal man is a harmonious combination of traditionally masculine qualities, such as strength, courage, activity, intelligence, ability to make responsible decisions, logical thinking. Next to such a man any woman experiences peace, security. With such a man I want to be and make him the happiest."